Research & Development

We are a leading company in the production of nano- and microparticle products for calibrating and validating industrial instruments, and manufacture items, such as Particle Size Standards and Count Controls that meet the criteria of the highest international metrological standards. Our strength lies in our cross-industry expertise and creative problem-solving skills. We offer customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients in both the scientific and commercial sectors. Whether it’s food quality control, environmental compliance, or the creation of secure documents, we have the right solution.

Our commitment to science

Beyond product development, the research on environmentally relevant topics in microplastics is important to us. Our focus here lies on developing suitable methods and analytical procedures to detect microplastics in environmental samples or industrial wastewater. Together with our partners in science and the industry, we are also working on a possible replacement based on natural materials that meet the requirements to replace microplastics in cosmetics.

Selected Projects


The EmiStop project focused on identifying industrial plastic emissions using innovative detection methods and developing technology to prevent plastic entry into the environment through wastewater pathways. EmiStop systematically captures plastic emissions in wastewater from pertinent industrial sectors, examining loads throughout the value chain, encompassing manufacturing, transportation, processing, and cleaning. The goal was to select and enhance wastewater treatment technologies to decrease these input loads. The project evaluated existing particle separation technologies, determined separation efficiencies, and devised technical optimization approaches. Overall, the EmiStop project aimed to raise awareness on the environmental impact of plastics and contributed to innovative solutions for reducing microplastic emissions. EmiStop was granted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Biopolymeres for Shampoo

Together with our partners from science and industry, we are working on a potential replacement made from natural materials, which fulfills the requirements needed to substitute microplastics in cosmetics.


The SubµTrack project extensively investigates microplastic particles in the 50 nm to 100 µm size range due to their ecotoxicological relevance. The project aims to develop and improve the methods for detecting and analyzing microplastics in environmental matrices and develops innovative approaches for sampling, preparation, and chemical analysis. Key aspects include focusing on plastic particles within the specified size range, expanding detection beyond the current range of 1 μm to 5 mm, highlighting the permeability of small particles and their potential for adsorbing pollutants, examining the environmental impact on aquatic ecosystems and human health, and considering social, political, and legal dimensions related to plastic pollution. The project assesses the feasibility of implementing its findings in regulations, standards, and voluntary measures. SubµTrack, an initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), plays a crucial role in researching and addressing microplastic emissions while raising awareness on the environmental impact of plastics.

OEM Product Development

Applied Microspheres has extensive experience in the development of product lines for different companies from the life science, engineering, and semiconductor industries.

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