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Particle Size Standards and Count Controls meet the criteria necessary for instrument calibration under ISO/IEC 17025. As such, they comply with the highest international metrological standards available.


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At Applied Microspheres, we are proud to be a trusted ally to various industries using particle technology, including but not limited to such industries as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, semiconductors, pulp and paper, food, and shipping. Our proficiency encompasses both small and large-scale manufacturing projects.


Our vision is to set the gold standard in high-quality polymer particles, serving many scientific and technical applications—from the validation and calibration of particle analyzers and counters to their use in various fields of biomedical or industrial applications. Our goal is to establish ourselves as your partner of choice. We’re delighted when our clients see us not just as a supplier, but as a trusted ally contributing to their success in all areas of particle technology.


Our mission is anchored in the relentless pursuit of excellence, both in the unparalleled precision of our particle technology products and in the exceptional nature of our client services and technical understanding. Supported by our experienced team of product specialists and dedicated administrative staff, we strive to raise the standard of client care and advice. We focus on synergistic teamwork and careful allocation of tasks that let us provide customized, solution-oriented, and prompt services to our clients.


At Applied Microspheres, we are more than a company. We are a scientific community committed to driving client success with high-quality polymer particles. Our core values of cooperation, expertise, and flexibility are the pillars upon which our outstanding services and products stand. These values guide us as we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients in the world of particle technology.

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International metrological standard

Over the past few decades, it has been common practice to validate and calibrate particle sizing and particle counting instruments with a standard traceable to the standard reference materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the USA. With the ever-increasing demand for instrument calibration and validation according to more internationally standardized procedures (ISO), Applied Microspheres has developed particle size standards and count controls that are not only NIST traceable , but also traceable to reference materials certified by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Consequently, Applied Microspheres' particle size standards and count control product lines meet the highest international metrological standard available.

Microspheres with very narrow size distributions

The basis for the development of such standards is Applied Microspheres’ ability to produce large batches of (polymer) nano- and microspheres with very narrow size distributions. This expertise is also fundamental for the development of other products, such as zeta potential standards, multi-modal size standards, flow cytometry instrument controls and custom made instrument controls on OEM basis. Applied microspheres also offers a variety of (fluorescent) dyes that can be incorporated in the polymer matrix of their particles.

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