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The foundation for Applied Microspheres GmbH was laid in 2001 with the establishment of BS-Partikel GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany. Renowned for its exceptional production of particle standards, BS-Partikel entered into a strategic partnership with Applied Microspheres BV to become a leading supplier of custom-made particle technology products. In 2023, BS-Partikel acquired Applied Microspheres and Distrilab Particle Technology BV, a recognised supplier of particle-based products across Europe. These parties have since formed a unified entity, Applied Microspheres GmbH, based in Mainz, Germany.

Our meticulously designed portfolio caters to the diverse needs of our valued clients. This range covers various sectors and industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, semiconductor, pulp and paper, food, and shipping, as well as the broader field of particle technology research. At Applied Microspheres, we pride ourselves on being the ideal partner to develop bespoke solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of any particle-related challenge.

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Our Principles

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Our vision is to set the gold standard in high-quality polymer particles, serving many scientific and technical applications—from the validation and calibration of particle analyzers and counters to their use in various fields of biomedical or industrial applications. Our goal is to establish ourselves as your partner of choice. We’re delighted when our clients see us not just as a supplier, but as a trusted ally contributing to their success in all areas of particle technology.

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Our mission is anchored in the relentless pursuit of excellence, both in the unparalleled precision of our particle technology products and in the exceptional nature of our client services and technical understanding. Supported by our experienced team of product specialists and dedicated administrative staff, we strive to raise the standard of client care and advice. We focus on synergistic teamwork and careful allocation of tasks that let us provide customized, solution-oriented, and prompt services to our clients.

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Cooperation is the heartbeat of our operations. We believe in building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, offering them a team of dedicated product specialists, scientists, laboratory technicians, and administrative staff who are ready to assist at every step of the way. When you choose Applied Microspheres, you are not just buying a product. You are gaining a team of passionate professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Expertise is our unwavering commitment to quality and precision in particle technology. We have established particle size standards and count controls that are not only NIST traceable, but also traceable to reference materials certified by ISO 17025 accredited national institutes. We proudly emphasize that the entire value chain is carried out in-house, allowing us to set industry benchmarks and fulfilling our ecological responsibility at the same time. Flexibility underscores our ability to adapt and innovate in response to the diverse requirements of our clients. We place a strong emphasis on providing exceptional quality and fast service to you. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of client care and expertise in the field. As a flexible and specialized unit, Applied Microspheres is equipped to provide customized solutions for unique research scenarios and applications in particle technology.

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Aligned with our core values, sustainability stands at the forefront of our operational ethos at Applied Microspheres. Our commitment is deeply rooted in adapting eco-conscious practices and manufacturing techniques across our entire process spectrum. We conscientiously strive to ensure our supply chain operations are environmentally responsible, prioritizing the use of sustainable materials from the inception of production to the distribution of our products. Besides, at Applied Microspheres, we are actively involved in pioneering projects that address environmental issues related to microplastics. Applied Microspheres is not only a company but also a scientific innovation center that is passionate about making a positive impact on our world.

Our People

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Our team of scientists, lab technicians, and dedicated professionals in manufacturing, shipping, and administration works hand in hand to deliver top-quality products. Characteristic of our corporate culture is the flat hierarchy that encourages employees from different departments to actively participate in decision-making processes. We value the diversity of ideas and experiences by our team, and we attach great importance to their constructive involvement in continuously optimizing our processes and further developing our company. Our team has a strong service mindset. We are always prepared to support our customers competently and quickly. We work together on solutions and share our expertise to achieve outstanding results. Our team members are highly qualified and specialists in their field. This means for our customers that they can count on not only first-class products, but also competent partners and excellent advice. At Applied Microspheres, we are passionate about our products. This passion for science and innovation is reflected in the quality of our products and in the well-being of our employees.