NanoStandard™ and MicroStandard™ Series Particle Size Standards

The NanoStandard™ and MicroStandard™ product line from Applied Microspheres is a series of traceable particle size standards. Particle size standards are widely used in quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biomedical and many other industries. They are used to calibrate particle sizing and counting instruments along with the performance of routine instrument checks and validations.

NanoStandards™ and MicroStandards™ meet the highest international metrological standards and therefore provide accurate and traceable size calibration for particle size analysis. They comply with demands of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for traceability through an unbroken chain of measurements referring to NIST’s Standard Reference Materials (SRMs). Furthermore, we claim general traceability to the standard meter of the international System of Units (SI), obtained through internal reference materials calibrated by a third party, an ISO/IEC accredited organization. The methods this laboratory applies are performed according to DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025. This allows laboratories to prove that their procedures, systems and measurements meet the norms as prescribed by international standardization organizations, such as ISO, GMP/GLP, ASTM, CEN.

Using NanoStandards™ and MicroStandards™ also substantiates inter-laboratory standardization. Nano- and MicroStandard series particle size standards consist of a monodisperse polymer microspheres series. The diameters are calibrated using imaging technologies from Transmission Electronic Microscopy (TEM), Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM), and Optical Microscopy (OM). Applied Microspheres complete the certification of the particle diameter by applying a substantial number of validated orthogonal particle size analysis methods, such as Electrical Sensing Zone (ESZ), Single Particle Optical Sizing (SPOS), Analytical Differential Centrifugation (ADC), Laser Diffraction (LD), or Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

NanoStandards™ are available in diameters ranging from 20 nm - 990 nm. MicroStandards™ are obtainable in diameters from 1 μm - 220 μm. Larger diameters are delivered on request. They are suspended in aqueous medium with trace amounts of an antimicrobial agent and proprietary surfactant for optimal colloidal stability. To ease dispersion, they are packaged in 20 mL dropper tip bottles at a concentration of 1% (w/v) for the NanoStandard™ diameters and optimal concentrations for each diameter in the MicroStandards™ range. Each product has a certificate of traceability stating the certified mean diameter, the standard deviation, and the expanded uncertainty. The shelf life is 36 months based on the manufacturing date and the products can be stored at room temperature.

Part No.Nominal Diam.VolumeSolidsPrice
10020-2020 nm20 mL1 %
10050-2050 nm
10100-20100 nm
10150-20150 nm
10200-20200 nm
10250-20250 nm
10300-20300 nm
10350-20350 nm
10400-20400 nm
10500-20500 nm
10600-20600 nm
10700-20700 nm
10800-20800 nm
10900-20900 nm
10990-20990 nm

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