Multi Modal Size Standards

The Multi Modal Size Standards series consist of mixtures of particle size standards of different diameters. They provide a versatile tool for accurate and reliable testing of the resolution of particle sizing instruments. They can be used for advanced operation qualification or size calibration for particle size analysis. Also, for the determination of the cut-off for filter materials, including the determination of filtration efficiency and loading capacity and many other applications.

Applied Microspheres’ monodisperse polymer particles are used for the particle mixtures. The aqueous medium has been specially formulated to ensure optimal dispersion and prevention of agglomerates, resulting in proven long-term stability. Product certification can be either limited to d10, d50 and d90 values or it may extend to full traceability of individual diameters.

Other particle size distributions and diameters can be combined on request according to specifications and requirements of the application. For instance, the particle size distribution of light and heavy oils in water can be mimicked for turbidity measurement applications as a substitute for harmful materials like formazin.

Penta Modal Standards

Part No.RangeVolumeSolidsPrice
15001-030,06 µm to 2 µm3 mL1 %

Multi Modal Standards

Part No.RangeVolumeSolidsPrice
15002-200,2 µm to 2 µm20 mL2 %
Part No.RangeVolumeSolidsPrice
15003-201 µm to 10 µm20 mL2 %

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