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At Applied Microspheres, we are proud to be a trusted ally to various industries using particle technology, including but not limited to such industries as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, semiconductors, pulp and paper, food, and shipping. Our proficiency encompasses both small and large-scale manufacturing projects.
Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled products and services, tailoring each project to our clients’ unique specifications. With total control over our development and production processes, we offer the agility and precision required to carry out your vision flawlessly. Our dedicated team of product managers with their deep expertise, acts as both consultants and providers of bespoke solutions, aiming to elevate the standard of personalized service in the industry.

Key advantages we provide:

Tailored Solutions

We recognize the distinct needs of each client. Our adeptness in crafting tailored solutions ensures your specialized requirements are efficiently met.

Guaranteed Quality

We adhere strictly to the highest international metrological standards. Our particle size standards and count controls comply with requirements of our clients working in GxP environment, guaranteeing precision and reliability.

Unrivaled Expertise

With over two decades of experience, our expertise in particle technology is unmatched, positioning us as a reliable collaborator for your ventures.

Strategic Partnerships

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring a seamless integration of our solutions into your projects for optimum outcomes.

Adaptive Production

Our production flexibility allows us to accommodate both small batches and large-scale production runs. Our flexibility allows us to cater to your needs.

Custom-Made Products

Our specialized scientists are at the forefront of creating benchmark-quality particle standard products, offering exceptional customization and accelerated turnaround times due to our streamlined communication with R&D experts. From client support to reliability in lead times, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. Applied Microspheres excel in producing polymer nano- and microspheres with extremely precise size distributions. Our unique capability to stabilize multimodal suspensions enhances the longevity and reliability of custom-made particles for demanding applications (up to more than 36 months). This feature is essential for the design of custom-made particle formulations for many demanding applications. Besides, the broadness of the particle size distribution can be adjusted, depending on the product application. Precise concentrations or particle counts can be provided, even at counts lower than 500 per ml. The microspheres can be dyed with a multitude of (fluorescent) dyes and surfaces can be modified for subsequent conjugation with antibodies, or other biomolecules. The dyes are incorporated in the polymer matrix to prevent dye leakage. Different functionalizations, such as surface modification and fluorescent labeling, can be combined, leading to multifunctional particles for special applications. Custom-made products can be manufactured in large batches, which can also be reserved for your individual use. A specially formulated suspension medium ensures long-term stability and supply.

Possible Applications

  • Instrument calibration and validation
  • Tailor-made multifunctional polymer particles for biomedical applications
  • Qualification and quantification of contaminations
  • Agglomeration studies
  • Product security and unique identity labeling
  • Detecting production failures or leakages
  • Mimicking biological colloids (e.g. bacteria, hematology) for analytical purposes
  • Filter retention and capacity studies
  • Fluid mechanics and flow tracing studies
  • Centrifugation and sedimentation analysis
  • Many others…

OEM Partnerships

These partnerships are aimed at businesses looking to either add their own branding to existing products from the Applied Microspheres’ catalog (private labeling) or seeking highly customized technical solutions and products that can be integrated in their offerings. The focus is on providing a seamless and flexible service to manufacturers wishing to leverage Applied Microspheres’ advanced particle technology capabilities while still presenting the products or solutions under their brand name or with certain specifications aligned to their project requirements.

Key elements of OEM partnerships with Applied Microspheres:


This goes beyond simple branding. We offer the advantage of tailor-making highly specialized products, such as polymer nano- and microspheres, to fit the precise needs of the OEM client. This can include specific formulations, particle size distributions, surface modifications, dye incorporations, and functionalizations for particular applications.

High Standards

We commit to maintaining the highest levels of quality and precision throughout the process, adhering to international standards, such as ISO/IEC 17025. This ensures that OEM partners can confidently integrate these customized solutions into their offerings, knowing they adhere to rigorous quality benchmarks.

Flexibility in Production

Whether the need is for small batch prototypes or large-scale production runs, we can adjust our manufacturing capabilities to meet the scale needed by our OEM partners. This adaptability is crucial for OEMs who may have variable production requirements.

End-to-End Service

This service encompasses the entire cycle, from the initial consultation, where the specialized needs are discussed and blueprinted, all the way to production completion. This comprehensive approach means OEM partners are supported throughout the development process, ensuring the final product aligns directly with their expectations and project needs.

Strategic Collaboration

The emphasis on collaboration signifies a partnership approach rather than a simple client-vendor relationship. We view our OEM partnerships as strategic, aiming to build long-term relationships that benefit both parties through innovation, shared expertise, and mutual growth.

Let’s collaborate to shape your bespoke solution. Contact us to start the journey.

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