Frequently asked questions

1. What do I need to calibrate or validate my particle sizing instrument?

You will need our NanoStandard™ and MicroStandard™ Series!

2. I need to an ISO 17025 compliant standard to calibrate my instruments. Can you help?

We can help with our NanoStandard™ and MicroStandard™ Series. These products are traceable to reference materials calibrated by an ISO 17025 certified national standards laboratory.

3. How can I verify the accuracy of my particle counters?

We recommend Applied Microspheres Particle Size Standards and Count Controls.

5. Can you offer a multi-modal size standard for checking the resolution of my laser diffraction instrument?

We can offer MS Series, a mixture of monodisperse particle populations.

6. Do you have a standard for measuring zeta potential?

Yes, we have Zeta Potential Controls for monitoring the zeta potential value on your instrument.

7. I want to monitor the fluorescence intensity of my flow cytometer. Do you have a product for this?

We can offer Cyto-Cal Multifluor for monitoring the stability of your flow cytometer.

8. I can’t find the optimal standard for calibrating our instruments. Are you in a position to develop a dedicated instrument control for us?

Yes, we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. Please click here!

9. I am interested in an intermediate particle count control to perform a regular monitoring of my liquid particle counter instrument, meeting the USP

PharmaCount™ will be the perfect candidate for this job. Please click here!

10. Do you have a product for verifying the accuracy of my dry powder particle sizing instrument?

 Please have a look at our Powder Size standards, please click here!