Custom Made


Specially designed particles for specific applications:


  • Instrument calibration
  • Assay development
  • Production processes
  • (Fluorescent) microscopy
  • Filter retention studies
  • Flow tracing and fluid mechanic studies
  • Contamination experiments
  • Centrifugation and sedimentation studies



The basis for all custom made product is Applied Microspheres’ ability to manufacture (polymer) nano- and microspheres with very narrow size distributions. This feature is essential for the design of custom made particles for many demanding applications. Specific diameters can be manufactured to meet instrument specific channels. Precise concentrations or particle counts can be provided, even at counts lower than 500 per ml.

The microspheres can be dyed with a multitude of (fluorescent) dyes and surfaces can be modified for conjugation with antibodies, proteins or other biomolecules. The dyes are incorporated in the polymer matrix to prevent dye leakage.

Custom made products can be manufactured in large batches. A specially formulated suspension medium ensures long term stability and supply.